About Us

Our humble project…

OldGamesDownload.com was established to offer users an easy way to download the best old games across a variety of platforms. We hope to provide an archive of the best retro-games and be a timeless hub for retro-gaming enthusiasts to download games released “a long time ago”.

Why we started

As gamers ourselves, we always found it extremely difficult to find old games released from our childhood to replay alone, online or using LAN. There was nowhere to buy these games either. Most of the websites which offered these gamesled us to malware or required you to do a survey. Other websites actually gave the download, but had no download instructions and would almost never work. We are all tech-savvy and therefore decided to create a website focused on how to actually download the games and get them working on modern systems.

A note about copyright…

Note that only games which are considered abandonware will be uploaded to our website. We assume a game is abandonware when the game developers/publishers are no longer selling their game on official channels. Sometimes, a game used to be abandonware but then began being sold once again – these might still be listed on our website. We know this is sometimes a grey area so if you don’t want your game listed on our website, please contact us and we’ll remove it promptly – we really don’t want to infringe on anyone’s copyright and this is not the purpose of this project. Just to keep old games accessible and available for everyone.


For more information about this project, visit our FAQs page.