Publishers Sierra On-Line
Developers Synergistic Software
Release date 1997
Genre Role-playing
Game rating
Custom FullCustom FullCustom FullCustom FullCustom Empty4.1/555 ratings

Game Description

Diablo: Hellfire is the expansion pack for Diablo, developed by Synergistic Software, a Sierra division, and published by Sierra On-Line in 1997. Hellfire was re-released alongside Diablo in 1998 in a bundle called Diablo + Hellfire.

Download Diablo: Hellfire

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Diablo: Hellfire is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (1997) (656.5MB)

How to play on Windows

  1. Download and extract
  2. Open the folder called “Game Files” found inside of the extracted folder.
  3. Right click on “gamelauncher.exe”, go to the compatibility tab and check the box “Run this program in compatability mode for” and select “Windows 8” in the drop down menu. Then, in the settings section, check the box “Reduced color mode” and select 8-bit (256) color in the dropdown menu. Then check the box which says “Run in 640×480 screen resolution”. And check the box which says “Run this program as an administrator”. Click on “Apply” and then “OK”.
  4. Double click on “gamelauncher.exe” to play the game!
  5. Enjoy the game!

About the download

This is the full version of Diablo: Hellfire as a standalone expansion (means you do not need anything else installed). The game is already pre-installed for you so you just have to download it and then you can launch the game.

Additional files, patches and fixes

Diablo: Hellfire Screenshots