My Horse & Me

Publishers Atari Europe S.A.S.U.
Developers W!Games
Release date 2007
Genre Sports
Game rating

Game Description

Almost every girl at some point in their life dreams of riding or owning a horse. They share a special friendship that is nurtured through riding, training, and caretaking. This unique horse experience is now captured in computer and video game form by My Horse & Me.


  • Enjoy all the excitement of an equestrian life with this fun simulation game
  • Take part in competitions at indoor and outdoor locations around the globe
  • Rewarding horse-care game play, leisure riding, and extensive customization
  • Exceptionally accurate horse models and animations; variety of mini games
  • Official FEI license; play in 1st- or 3rd-person view; multiplayer mode

Download My Horse & Me

We might have the game available for more than one platform. My Horse & Me is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2007) (3.5GB)

Additional files, patches and fixes


My Horse & Me Screenshots


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  1. This does not work for me. Whenever I want to open the ThePonyGame file, it first says something like Error 87 and then that an administrator needs to open this application. But I am an administrator and I also opened it as an administrator. I’ve already looked for solutions but it didn’t work. I would be really happy if someone could help me. (Or publish a preinstalled version ^^)

    • If you can’t run the game, even though it’s not difficult, give it up. Many people then write that the game does not work, which is untrue and misleading. Find another game instead. It’s really not that difficult to mount a disc image.

  2. Hi, thank you for this website first ! it’s amazing to find all these old games !
    Little silly question, can I download it and wil it work if i dont have a physical cd drive on my computer ?
    All the best

  3. My Horse And Me 1: Dirty Installation Guide

    Still can’t download it? My explanations are an awful mess? Just have general questions about the game? No worries! Feel free to reply below or message me on discord (Sonic.exe#5916)

    What you’ll need to follow this guide:

    – WinRAR
    – Daemon Tools Lite (NOTE!!: be aware of the installation process. It asks if you want to download the optional additional programs like bright VPN. A) do not download anything other than Daemon Tools, B) none of the programs that I’ve been asked to download are trojans, scams, or malware of any sort so even if you do end up downloading something on accident, simply uninstall through your computer settings)
    – Tages Drivers (the applications in the files are outdated and no longer work) I downloaded the 64 bit version
    – Physical disk drive on your computer

    Step 1:

    Download the file above
    Extract the file somewhere that will be easy to find right away

    Step 2:

    Once the file is extracted, open its location. You should see a folder called “Game Files”, a website shortcut to OGD’s website, and a “ReadMe” file containing a short and sweet message from the people at OGD. Open “Game Files”, right click the “NoCD Crack”, and click “extract files”. Get this out of the way (I also didn’t know where to place this step)

    Step 3 (You CAN mount normally, but do it the following way if you want the rest of the guide to make sense):

    1. open up Daemon Tools
    2. click “Drives”
    3. “Advanced Image Mount”
    4. In the “Image” bar, put in the address to the “mham – IgelKotteN” (mine is “F:\Abandoned Games\My_Horse_and_Me_Win_ISO_EN\Game Files\mham IgelKotteN”) or click the 3 dots beside the bar to browse for files.
    5. Choose Virtual Drive, change the letter if you please, click “Mount”.
    6. YAY! The first part of the game is mounted

    Step 4:

    A lettered drive should have appeared under “This PC” with the MHM icon, this is the mounted disc. Hop into it and click the “Setup” application (Could be labeled “Setup.exe”). Now, follow the installation wizard.


    Go into Daemon Tools and click on the mounted disc/drive on the bottom of the page/screen. It’ll either immediately send you into the installation wizard, or open up the drive’s contents (MHM contents)

    (I highly suggest creating and downloading the files to a new folder within “Game Files” to make the downloaded files easily accessible).

    Once the installation is done, you can eject/unmount the disc/drive

    Step 5:

    Pretty much a repeat of Step 4. Click “Drives”, “Advanced Image Mount”, but instead of the “mham – IgelKotteN” disc image, mount the “My_Horse_And_Me_(NORMAL_tages_MINI_image_by_xKVtor)” .mds file (mine is an “Alcohol CD/DVD Image” for some reason) and choose PHYSICAL instead of Virtual for this one.

    If you can’t tell which one to click, it’s the smaller/5 KB file

    Step 6:

    Now that the cracked CD is mounted, open up the folder where your downloaded files are (the folder I suggested you make in Step 4) and click on “ThePonyGame.bat”. It will load up a command prompt screen and then the game should load right after!

    Other stuff to help out:

    Error: “Please Insert DVD of “My Horse and Me”!”:
    You didn’t mount anything

    Error: “Please insert original DVD of “My Horse and Me”! ***”:
    Step 5 should help with this. This error pops up when the crack CD isn’t mounted physically. It MUST be mounted physically.

    Error: Changing Resolution “quits the game” and tells me to insert the original DVD:
    No worries! Your game didn’t quit on itself, nor did it catch you with your eye patch and peg leg. It’s just old stuff being old on modern technology. Simply click “ThePonyGame.bat” any time you mess with the resolution and it’ll reopen where it left off.

    Error: *something* is unreadable or corrupted:
    This is the million dollar question. Something could’ve downloaded wrong, something isn’t mounted correctly, or something within the files or images were moved, or a billion other things because technology is flawless

    Hope this helps, happy riding everyone!

  4. has someone managed to get this to work? i tried rikiro’s method, even bought a portable disk drive, but no matter what i do the crack won’t open. says it’s corrupted and inaccessible, and then i can’t launch the game bc it says i need the original DVD. can someone please help 🙁

  5. The intrusctions are no help, nothing I do seems to make this work. There is NO mds file, there is an MDF. Mounting the alcohol CD/DVD image file that when mounted doesn’t do anything.

  6. I need help! The game doesn’t work for me and I want to delete it, but I can’t.. how should I do it? I can’t even delete any files

  7. How can I uninstall this game and its files? It keeps telling me that I can’t do it, and when I try to delete all files manually, I don’t even have that option ;-;

    • Have you tried through the Control Panel? On newer Windows systems, you can go to Settings and then to Applications and click Uninstall.

  8. Bonjour, on me dit ” les droits du compte n’ont pas les droits d’utilisateur ” ou bien erreur 1275, pouvez vous m’aider ? merci

    • You don’t need a DVD/CD drive to play the game. Maybe I shouldn’t mention it, but the disc images were created. After installing one of them in the DAEMON TOOLS program, you can play the entire game. I use this method myself, even though I have the original disk. That way I don’t damage the disc.


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