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Is there a game from your childhood that you really want to play again? Request it down below and we’ll try our best to get you a download of it!

Before requesting, please read the following rules:

  1. The game must be abandonware, meaning it is no longer sold or supported by the developers (effectively “abandoned”), and there is no official way to get the game.
  2. We are not accepting requests for Nintendo games, as they are re-releasing games on their classic consoles.
  3. Please check if we already have the game uploaded before requesting it.
  4. Don’t use this comment section to troubleshoot games. Instead you should use the comments section of that game.
  5. Don’t harass others or post spam, instead always be polite and friendly. Let’s create a fun and healthy retrogaming community together!

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  1. I know Rockstar is still selling it but it would be cool to get Grand Theft Auto San Andreas here. By the way this is an amazing website keep up the good work.

  2. Hi there! I would love it if the old PlayFirst Dream Chronicles games could be added to this. I’ve had a terrible time trying to find them on my own and would really love to play them again :))

  3. Im looking old Probably 1990-2005 puzzle game. I think the name is space adventure. a 2D view from above where you control astronaut moving on grid. his objective is to move to certain tile which usually need a key to unlock next level. You cant move pass through laser so you need to move box (move 1 tile/button) or ball-shaped rock (it move until it hit a wall/box) to block the laser. Please tell me correct name of the game or upload it


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