Sesame Street Preschool Deluxe (1999)

Publishers The Learning Company
Developers Creative Wonders
Release date 1999
Genre Educational
Game rating

Game Description

 Disk 1 Sesame Street Elmo’s World Preschool

Sesame Street Elmos Preschool Together with the lovable Muppet Elmo, of the long-running children’s television program Sesame Street, preschoolers can navigate through educational and entertaining activities. Elmo plays the role of both playmate and tutor as children practice number, letter, sound, shape, and color recognition, as well as spelling and critical thinking.

 The activities all take place within five unique playrooms, each emphasizing a specific preschool concept. Activities included are The Music Room (Find a Sound, Finish a Sound Pattern), Letters Room (Find a Letter, Make an Animal Name), Face Treehouse (Make a Face, How Would You Feel?), Shapes and Colors Tent (Find A Shape), and the Numbers Clubhouse (Find A Number, The Counting Game). All can be visited in any order and revisited at any time.

 Each room has two different structured games and non-structured “freeplay” activities that teach specific skills. When entering a room, the child can immediately begin “freeplay” actions or click on the star or moon symbol located in each room for the games (the game accessed by clicking on the star symbol is easier than the moon game).

 The program includes several features to help children learn at their own pace without giving them the answers. Features include “Automatic Leveling” (the difficulty level of the game will adjust up or down to keep the game challenging for the child using it), “Smart Help” (Sesame Street characters will guide children through activities step-by-step), “Smart Host” (Elmo is always on the screen to give help when needed; simply click on Elmo or wait a few seconds and he will offer assistance), and “Object Identification” (if the cursor is left over a given object on the screen for a few seconds, Elmo will identify it).

 The game also attempts to teach important social skills such as emotions and empathy, taking turns, sharing, cooperation, making friends, and manners.


Disk 2 Sesame Street Search & Solve

Sesame Street: Search & Learn Adventures is an educational game for children aged three to six based on the Sesame Street franchise. It teaches problem solving, critical thinking, real-world skills, shapes & colours, and matching & sorting through different activities as children help Sherlock Hemlock with his detective work with three difficulty levels. The friends are ready for a picknick and they want to bring along a lot of supplies. The magician Mumford suggests creating a magic basket, but by doing so all the supplies disappear. It is up to the player to locate all the six missing items.

 There are different locations to visit where clicking hotspots often triggers short animations. Each location has a mini-game or activity to earn the item. They are:

· Big Bird’s Pack It Up: help Big Bird identify remember and match pairs of objects.

· Room Service: learn about number identification and food groups as you help Grover deliver meals to the right rooms in the hotel.

· The Recycling Game: help Oscar sort through his trash separating the paper glass and metal from the junk.

· What’s Wrong with the Picture: find the things that don’t belong in the Count’s magic picture.

· Which Item Does Not Belong: at the Furry Arms hotel Grover has gotten his guests’ things all mixed up. Which one doesn’t fit with the others?

· The Window Game: match shapes and colors and help the Count put together his stained glass window.

Download Sesame Street Preschool Deluxe (1999)

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Sesame Street Preschool Deluxe (1999) is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (1999) (620.6MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

How to play on 64-bit Windows

This game will not work With 64-bit Windows. By defeat it is using a 16-bit executable setup.exe.

  1. Extract the folder to your desktop. You will need a software such as WinRAR to do this.
  2.  download Daomon Tools lite
  3. open your Preschool .iso file Than open
  4.  When auto play appears open folder to view files
  5.  or find your letter Drive go to ?:\INSTALL\SETUP32.exe.

Sesame Street Preschool Deluxe (1999) Screenshots


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