How to download games on our website

We have an ever-growing library of old, abandoned games which we are trying to keep alive. We want to make these games as accessible to the public as possible, which is why we never ask for logins or passwords – anyone, anywhere can download our uploaded files. If you are not sure how you can download games from our website, you should follow these instructions:

  1. Choose the platform which want to download the game on – the platform, and year the game was released on that platform, will be written above the download button you want. This is illustrated in this image:Download games on OldGamesDownload 1
  2. The file name will usually tell you a lot about this download – for example, the format the game is in, the languages which the game can be played in, and the file size. All this information is illustrated in the following image:Download games on OldGamesDownload
  3. When you have selected the file which you want to download, you simply want to left click on the download button. This will direct you to your download page.