Yu-Gi-0h! ARC-V Power of Chaos

Publishers KONAMI
Developers KONAMI, ristar87ygo
Release date 2014
Genre Strategy
Game rating

Game Description

This game has 1109 cards in total (over 400 are added by me) including some anime-only cards (like 3 Legendary Dragons, Fossil Fusion Monsters, Orgoth the Relentless, Dragonroid, Giant Rex, Backup Gardna…) and fan-made cards (like Dark Magician Girl of Chaos, Blue-Eyes Baby Dragon…). There are many Yuya’s Performapal Pendulum monsters and also some Reiji’s DD monsters. Get ready for Pendulum Fusion!!!

In this game your opponent is Yuya Sakaki (voiced by FoxTailed08). The game does not have all the same cards as my other ones but there is a lot of great new ARC-V cards. There is many Pendulum monsters in this game. Unfortunately you can’t use Pendulum Summons in Power of Chaos games and most of the cards don’t have their effects. Anyway, I’m sure you will love it…


Odd-Eyes Dragon, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Stargazer Magician, Timegazer Magician, Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Performapal Silver Claw, Performapal Lizardraw, Performapal Trampolynx, Performapal Pendulum Wizard, Performapal Whip Snake, Performapal Elephammer, Performapal Plustortoise, Performapal Soldier Tiger, Performapal Mammoth Splash, Performapal Big Bite Turtle, Performapal Trump Witch, Hippo Carnival, Magical Sky Mirror, Performapal Revival, Performance Flash, Performapal Curtain Call, Antithesis Magician, Synthesis Magician, DD Cerberus, DD Lilith, DDD Temujin the Blaze Overlord, Covenant with the Swamp King, Galloping Gaia The Fierce Knight, Backup Gardna, Demiurge Ema, Iron Knight, Shine Knight, Sword of Soul, Metaphys Armed Dragon, Mythic Shell Dragon, Phantom Gryphon…


Download Yu-Gi-0h! ARC-V Power of Chaos

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Yu-Gi-0h! ARC-V Power of Chaos is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2015)

Yu_Gi_0h_ARC_V_Power_of_Chaos_Win_Preinstalled_EN.zip (692.2MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Yu-Gi-0h! ARC-V Power of Chaos Screenshots


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