Achieve! Math & Science Age 8-12 Grades 3-6

Publishers Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited
Developers The Learning Company
Release date 2002
Genre Educational
Game rating

Game Description

Achieve! Math & Science brings four award-winning educational titles in one to your child’s desktop. Designed for young learners, a series of challenging puzzles, brain-boosting problems, and irresistible games cover essential math and science skills. Sharpen math skills, explore geometry, learn about electricity, experiment with gravity, and more. Featured titles include Mighty Math: Calculating CrewMindTwister MathSpace Academy GX-1, and Thinkin’ Science: Zap!. When math and science are made this much fun, young learners achieve at learning.

Download Achieve! Math & Science Age 8-12 Grades 3-6

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Achieve! Math & Science Age 8-12 Grades 3-6 is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2002)

Achieve_Math_& (853.1MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Achieve! Math & Science Age 8-12 Grades 3-6 Screenshots


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    • yes, you are right the 4 games were made in 1998. however the copyright said in that Achieve! product 2002, I could put down 1998. that is also not correct. that product adds support for setup32.exe. which does not exist in the original 1998 edition of the 4 games. however ill do it if I get more feedback on this. or the owner tells me otherwise on this website.

      for other people seeing this, iv also feather upgraded them for windows 10 64-bit users. by more editing thou setup32.exe. Mighty Math: Calculating Crew, MindTwister Math, Space Academy GX-1, and Thinkin’ Science: Zap! will work with 10 available at the link below.

      Warning 1: The upgraded versions from that archive made quite a departure from its 2002 code. Functionality-wise is no longer compatible with the Windows 9x environment. As of Version 3.2 Windows 2000 might work But not fully tested.


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