Age of Empires

Publishers Microsoft Game Studios, MacSoft Games, Mobile Digital Media
Developers Ensemble Studios, MacSoft Games, Zio Interactive
Release date 1997
Genre Strategy
Game rating

Game Description

Age of Empires (often abbreviated as AoE or AoE1) is a real-time strategy video game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios on October 15, 1997 in North America and February 2, 1998 in Europe and Japan. It is the firest game in the well-known Age of Empires series. The game takes place over a period between 5000 BC. BC and 800 AD During which the player must control a pre-selected ancient civilization across different technological ages. Advancing between ages unlocks new technologies and units. Twelve civilizations are available in the game, each inspired by historical periods such as ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Mesopotamia. When the game was released, its historical context was quite unique to gaming and was an important factor in the game’s success. One year later, an official expansion pack was released called Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome.

Download Age of Empires

Age of Empires is no longer abandonware. You can now buy the game from:

Windows (1997)

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition on Steam

Additional files, patches and fixes

Age of Empires Windows Manual (English)

Age of Empires Windows ReadMe (English)

Age of Empires Screenshots


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  1. this is silly, I came here to get the origonal versions of games, that I used to play and are now being sold as remakes on steam (games I have bought, and played) and I find I am unable to access the origonal game’s.
    A remake is a remake, perhaps done by a diffrent publisher or developer, maybe eaven by an entierly diffrent company.
    Considering many of the remakes on steam are sold as remakes for the steam platform, it is logical to assume the probbibility of the developer or publisher or both that are doing the remake, being diffrent from the origonal developer or publisher, is quite high.
    In any case the fact that these remakes change the game play, story line, graphics, charichter models and controal options, drasticaly changes them from the origonal to the point where they can not be defind as the origonal game.
    Note how steam advertises Resident Evil 3 The Nemesis simply as Resient Evil 3.
    It is because it is a diffrent game made to closley resemble the origonal game.

    The same is true for
    Age of the empires
    Mafia 2
    Final Fantasy 7
    and many more.
    I have searched sevral old games i know to be remakes on steam, on this site to try and find the origonal copies.
    Im sory butit seems like this website is doing a good job of promoting Steam rather than providing origonal retro games for download.

    As the website says in the website address
    old games download
    well we want the old games not the remakes.

    Please put the necissery download links to origonal game vershions of the remakes on steam back up on the website, or change the website address to
    games search

  2. So, apparently none of them are free download anymore and you have to get them from Steam… So sorry whoever is on this page you have wasted your time. These need to be taken down from the site if they are free old games, like isn’t that the whole point of this site?

    • The purpose of the website is to provide downloads for games that have been abandoned by their developers or publishers.

      While the Age of Empires franchise was abandoned, we provided download links for the games. Now that they have been relaunched (which is a great thing!), we are redirecting users to where they can purchase the games.

        • yeah, I own the remake version and it’s not the same as the original game (even when the classic mode, which is only available for custom games, is turned on).

        • Likely the problem is that as far as the game company is concerned, the remakes similar are enough to the original (only a few musics are changed, and it’s optimized to work with modern PCs) that any abandonware downloads of the actual original version will be viewed as acts of piracy. Technically they aren’t wrong, even if the remakes didn’t exist (the copyright law doesn’t actually say that it’s legal to download old software, it’s just that most companies won’t prosecute it, but that equation changes if they have remakes that are now available). ROM sites (even for old systems like the SNES) have been sued into shutting down by big companies (like Nintendo) so it’s likely that in order to avoid that same fate, has decided to NOT keep the download links for the old versions. After all, it seems that the makers of Age Of Empires haven’t abandoned the entire franchise, if they are now making remakes of the older games.

          Your best bet to finding the actual old games is to do a google search with the name of the game and also the URL “” in the search text.


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