American Girl Kit: A Treehouse of My Own

Publishers THQ
Developers ImaginEngine
Release date 2008
Genre Adventure
Game rating

Game Description

Kit Kittredge is a clever, resourceful girl facing the Great Depression with spirit and determination. Kit is ready for an adventure. Actually, she is ready for anything – as long as it doesn’t involve chores, which are all she’s been doing all summer long. Join Kit as she uncovers over 18 objects hidden in 36 secret hiding places – each item will help personalize her very own treehouse. American Girl will make its major motion picture debut with a movie based on Kit hitting theaters nationwide on July 2, 2008. American Girl dolls are one of the hottest, most wanted toys among girls age 8-14, and the educational aspect of the brand appeals to parents and gift givers. The American Girl brand is an aspirational brand and the new PC game allows girls from every socio-economic background to become part of the American Girl story.


  • Furnish and decorate the interior and exterior of Kit’s treehouse with furniture, accessories and supplies you can find hidden throughout the game including curtains, a rocking chair, a globe, a typewriter and Grace’s doggie bed
  • Create printouts of the exterior and interior views of your decorated treehouse, as well as the contents of your inventory and share them with your frien
  • Win one of 120 prizes available by completing the 20 levels of difficulty in the 6 mini games
  • Explore the world of Kit and collect six special objects including treehouse plans, a hammer, nails and a ladder to build your very own treehouse

Download American Girl Kit: A Treehouse of My Own

We might have the game available for more than one platform. American Girl Kit: A Treehouse of My Own is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2008)

AG_Kit.iso (490.9MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

American Girl Kit: A Treehouse of My Own Screenshots


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  1. Hi, I uploaded an .iso of this game to Internet archive at the following address: This is the Windows version of the game, originally compatible with XP/Vista. I own an original hard disc version of this game, and the .iso was created directly from it. I’ve never uploaded anything like this before, so I hope I did it correctly.

    • Thanks so much for the donation and sorry for the delay -we checked the ISO and everything looks good so you did it correct! Game has been added to the page, others can play it now because of your kindness!


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