Arthur’s Reading Games

Publishers The Learning Company
Developers ImageBuilder Software, Inc.
Release date 2000
Genre Educational
Game rating

Game Description

This new addition to the Play & Learn line includes four multi-skilled learning activities that help children develop word recognition and other basic reading skills while playing with Arthur & D.W. Arthur’s Reading Games has learning activities including an interactive story. You can also visit the Dance Theater. Reading with Arthur and D.W. has never been so much fun! Includes “Let Me Write” (Children drag pictures up to the paper tablet to form sentences teaching them new words and sentence structure), “Reading Race” (children match words to pictures and help Arthur and D.W. race forward to the Ice Cream Store), “I Spy” (Children practice word recognition while they play I Spy with Arthur & D.W. Kids can choose from three different games for hours off fun & learning, & “Read with Arthur” (Children learn reading and pre-reading skills while they read along with Arthur and D.W.) Hundreds of surprises and puzzles will keep them engaged for hours. The bonus art and music activities provide levels of difficulty.

Download Arthur’s Reading Games

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Arthur’s Reading Games is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2000) (385.5MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Arthur’s Reading Games Screenshots


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  1. you can email me at [email protected].
    If have any issues or you want to see my other 250 the learning company Games.

    The link for the game is below

    Arthur’s Reading Games

    Hi everybody or old games team seeing this. (Being re-edited for November 2021 build with learning upgrades that were released to fix compatibility issues with Windows 11-based systems).

    The old games team already has the latest version for Arthur’s Thinking Games. However, it may not work With Windows 10. & above due to Scripting issues with NT 4 that Microsoft
    was Removing sense vista. This ISO as of (version 3.5) may not work with Windows XP
    explanation below.

    Coding changes:

    Here are the following installation improvements we made for this game

    • I’ve removed DSSAGENT.exe from its source code to fix a bug with windows 10. When you hit 87% Windows 10 will say cannot open input source” “Current File: DSSANGENT.EXE. The
    learning company used that tool for letting software developers push a new splash screen into a program at any time. This was supposed to happen after installation although servers are long
    gone since 2005. DSSANGENT.EXE was removed for being partially dangerous by Microsoft.

    • I’ve Forced enabled x86 components that were disabled in the code for being incomplete and rewrite the script by using Microsoft visual studio 2005 like the others by editing the .xml File for this code

    • V_LAUNCHEXE.xml = %_DIR_SRC%SETUP.EXE; To reroute & rework the missing code for setup32.exe. even other minor changes to train the engine about NT 4 procedures With vista Flags.

    • Fixed issues with the “Do you want to install?” Message from Arthur’s Reading Games software itself, however, the installation never occurred. This issue appears sense Windows 64-bit attempts to load NTVDM which is partially supported by Microsoft. For loading 16-bit installer’s stubs but fails sense the learning company installer panics from operating level.

    The following components ware upgraded or changed

    Iv did some changes with WinG files under 64-bit Windows by Training the installers that the following files DVA.386, WING.dll, WING32.dll,WINGDE.DLL, WINGDIB.DRV & WINGPAL.WND * to move them to C:WindowsSysWOW64

    Not C:WindowsSystem32 which will have
    unexpected behavior
    under Windows 10.

    I even adding and altering code under setup.exe and setup.ini Source for the installation framework to work under Windows above Vista. By doing this is to modernize the behavior of win32’s

    even rerouting existing code for a smoother
    experience with windows 10.

    Warning 1: The upgraded versions from that archive made quite
    a Departure from its 2002 code. Functionality-wise is no longer compatible with the Windows 9x environment. As of Version 3.5. Windows 2000 or XP are not supported. They may well run – I Can no longer offer support for issues that occur when using the games under those systems.


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