Backyard Skateboarding

Publishers Atari, Inc.
Developers Atari, Inc.
Release date 2004
Genre Sports
Game rating

Game Description

Join the Backyard Kids and pro skateboarder Andy Macdonald in a quest t o win the Backyard Ultimate Skatepark! Grab a board and nail tricks like an exp ert–youll score upgraded gear and big-time sponsorships. Amazing power-ups and bonus stuff will keep you skating hard and laughing out loud! Get riding!


  • An entire 3D world: exciting 3D environments and multiple camera angles
  • Playable Backyard Kids: ride as one of 10 Backyard Kids or pro skater Andy Macdonald
  • Crazy power-ups: pull cool moves with Super Ollie, Molasses Time, and more
  • Create-a-skater: customize your own skater with great gear and accessories
  • Cool sponsors: earn goodies from Mr. Goodboard, Cranium Case, and other wac ky sponsors
  • Sweet moves: land ollies, kickflips, Benihanas, and more
  • Backyard Kids signature tricks: try special moves like Pablos Belly Button Lint and Achmeds Knee Slide Power Chord
  • Awesome environments: ride the Backyard Neighborhood, Boardwalk, Medieval Castle… and the unlockable Ultimate Skatepark
  • Unlockable extras: unlock players, special accessories, and new skateboards

Download Backyard Skateboarding

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Backyard Skateboarding is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2004) (396.7MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Backyard Skateboarding Screenshots


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