Barbie as Princess Bride

Publishers Mattel Interactive
Developers Random Games, Inc.
Release date 2000
Genre Adventure
Game rating

Game Description

In a special land of fairy tales, Princess Barbie and Prince Ken have been the best of friends since they were both small children. As they grew older, they grew even closer, slowly but surely falling deeply in love. Soon enough though, the time comes for Prince Ken to leave on a brave adventure, sailing far away across the sea. Barbie knows that Prince Ken will someday return to marry her. She wishes her love a safe and prosperous trip, knowing that she will miss him until he returns. The real adventure begins a while later, when the Butterfly Fairy visits Princess Barbie to tell her that Prince Ken will return soon and that it is finally time to start planning the wedding. To help in her preparations, the Butterfly Fairy gives Barbie a magical jewel-encrusted mirror. Not only does this enchanted item offer advice as to what needs to be done to prepare for the big day, but one jewel on the special mirror will glow with magical energy for each wedding preparation that Barbie successfully completes. When all the jewels are lit, Barbie will know that the time has finally come to join her Prince Ken in blissful matrimony. There is much to be done before then, though. Guests must be listed and invitations sent. Music must be chosen for the big event. Of course, a special cake must be baked, worthy of the momentous occasion. And if the groom doesn’t show up soon, the resourceful Princess Bride Barbie just may need to go find him herself, to make sure his ship returns safely home in time

Download Barbie as Princess Bride

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Barbie as Princess Bride is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2000) (288.7MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

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  1. i’m having the problem after installing the game, it appears 2 application error tabs:
    – could not find an appropriate language file for your machine.
    – failed to load the localization table.

    what should i do? 🙁

  2. Finally! Thank you on this application. P.S. I had PC CD as then corrupt with small work ( 2003./2004. – 2013./2014. ) and was must be in trash. Thanks your method it same application in my Windows 10 but work with MOUNT image. More something. Special with part of flute is best of all time.🐞🍀🌌🌠🌅🕌


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