Barbie Magic Genie Bottle

Publishers Mattel Interactive
Developers Gorilla Systems Corporation
Release date 2000
Genre Action, Adventure
Game rating

Game Description

Experience 3-D adventure with Barbie like never before! Magic Genie Bottle connects to your computer to add a whole new dimension of fun and discovery to your imaginative play. Use Magic Genie Bottle to uncover clues and solve puzzles on an amazing quest to find the missing power gems. Along the way, you will ride your magic carpet and travel to find exotic lands. You can even get helpful hints and tips from Barbie Genie–just release her from the bottle and she will magically appear onscreen! Only you can help save the kingdom and restore Barbie Genie’s powers.

Download Barbie Magic Genie Bottle

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Barbie Magic Genie Bottle is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2000) (376.8MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Barbie Magic Genie Bottle Windows ReadMe (English)

Barbie Magic Genie Bottle Screenshots


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  1. I loved this game as a kid! I have it installed and it’s working, but how can you play it without the bottle? It’s a requirement to progress through the game at all. Surely there’s something in the programming that would allow us to play without having the physical bottle – which won’t plug into new computers because it has an old serial port cable.


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