Bella Sara

Publishers Codemasters Software Company Limited
Developers Razorback Developments Ltd
Release date 2008
Genre Simulation
Game rating

Game Description

Bella Sara is a Simulation game developed by Razorback Developments Ltd and published by Codemasters Software Company Limited in 2008.

Download Bella Sara

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Bella Sara is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2008) (364.7MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Bella Sara Windows ReadMe (German)

Bella Sara Windows ReadMe (English)

Bella Sara Windows ReadMe (Spanish)

Bella Sara Windows ReadMe (French)

Bella Sara Windows ReadMe (Italian)

Bella Sara Screenshots


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  1. Every time I try to run it it crashes immediately… I’ve tried all of the tips here but it just closes out immediately. Does anyone have any advice?

  2. Hi guys i figured it out!

    1) Download the Bella Sara link, extract everything.
    2) Install the Bella game on your laptop with the Install Wizard.
    When you click on the game after installing it, it might give you an error message saying the DVD isn’t right.
    3) Go to the Dino R Ownz folder and COPY the game version that is inside that folder.
    4) Go to your files and find in “my pc” > Windows SSD > Programs files (mine is called Programs x86) > Codemasters. Inside that codemasters folder, you will find a Bella Sara folder.
    5) PASTE the version of the game you took from the Dino R Ownz folder INSIDE the Bella Sara folder that is in the codemasters folder. Inside that folder you will find some read me pages, an fmod.dll file and also a Bella Sara game version. When you will paste what you took from the Dino R Ownz folder into that Bella Sara folder, it will tell you a preexisting file is already named like that and it will ask you if you want to replace it, click yes. Now if you click on that version of the game from inside that folder, it should work!

    • I love you for this thank you!

      *I am not on a laptop so set 4 is different,

      Local Disk (C:) -> Program Files (x86) -> Codemaster

      Do everything else and it will work!!

    • OMG IT WORKED!!! Though it’s not actually the Bella Sara game i was expecting (i thought this was the old website version), it’s amazing anyway. Thank you so much!

  3. Hey! I read in the game file that this game isn`t compatible with laptops, but this game is quite the same sa Lucinda Greene`s Equestrian Challenge. Maybe I sound dumb and naive but there`s really no way to forse it to run on the laptop? It`s really doesn`t want to run. Ugh, this game will be quite expensive if I`ll need to buy a whole computer to play

  4. so guys, my man found a solution, you copy the file from Dino R ownz folder and paste it to the program files/codemasters/bella sara, replace the file ☺


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