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Bid for Power

Publishers Golden Hammer Software
Developers Golden Hammer Software
Release date 2004
Genre Fighting
Game rating

Game Description

Bid For Power is a total conversion for Quake III that plays nothing like the original game. Players take control of Ki-powered superheros and battle it out in a mostly aerial fight. The game is highlighted by the work of a great art team and an original style, and the gameplay is extremely fast paced. It can be difficult to keep up with until you get the hang of it.

Download Bid for Power

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Bid for Power is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2004) (120.8MB)

How to play on Windows

Important: You must have the full, retail version of Quake 3 installed on your computer before you can install the Bid for Power mod. Quake 3 is not provided to you in this download.

  1. Download and Install
  2. Run bidforpower1-2.exe and follow on-screen instructions to install the mod
  3. To start the game, use one of the two shortcuts created by the installer

Additional files, patches and fixes

Bid for Power Screenshots


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  1. Please can anyone tell me where to get quake 3 retail version because i want to play this games but without quake it isn’t possible to me to play Bid For Power


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