Publishers Sega
Developers Realtime Associates, Beam Software
Release date 1995
Genre Platformer
Game rating

Game Description

Bug! is a platform video game developed by Realtime Associates and published by Sega originally for its console, the Sega Saturn. It was first released: in North America, in 1995, just weeks after the Saturn’s launch there; in Europe. on September 15, 1995; and, in Japan, on December 8, 1995. It was also ported to Windows 3.1x and Windows 95 in 1996 by Beam Software. Notably, the game is one of the earliest examples of 3D platforming, as well as one of the first platform games released on the Saturn. However, its style of 3D platforming is restricted to a track, unlike many in the genre that allow for unrestricted movement in all directions.

Download Bug!

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Bug! is currently available on these platforms:

Saturn (1995)

Bug_Saturn_ISO_USA.zip (77.0MB)

Windows (1996)

Bug_Win_Preinstalled_EN.zip (46.8MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Bug! Screenshots


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  1. I keep getting this error:

    Could not open level failed. Check that the path is correct in the BUG! .INF file.

    I have already corrected the file to match with the app location but it still won’t work.

  2. Hi, I have a problem installing the game.
    When I want to run it tells me:

    Could not open level failed. Check that the path is correct in the BUG! .INF file.

    Any suggestions to fix it? Thank you. I love this page.

    • You must unzip the “Game Files” folder. Then put it in C:// and change its name to “Bug”.

      Or you can open BUG!.INF with notepad and change the path to the actual file.

      Also you need to run BUG!.EXE with the following compatibility settings: 256 colors and 640×480 screen resolution.


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