Publishers pbs kids games,

brighter child

Developers The Learning Company
Release date 2002
Genre Educational
Game rating

Game Description

This game needs to burned onto a CD to be played (it cannot be mounted as it’s missing a crack)

Caillou: Magic Playhouse is based on the animated television series starring bald little Caillou, a 4-yr-old boy, and his adventures with family and friends. In this game, you follow Caillou as he visits each room in his house and the backyard searching for treasures (from a themed group – sports, music, sun & sand, or nature – that you pre-select) and playing games. Choose a skill level – 1 to 3, which can be changed mid-game if a given activity is too easy. Use the mouse to click on items in each room to discover mini-animations and “hidden” objects. You will also make use of the click-to-pick-up/click-to-release feature in some of the games. As opposed to click-and-drag, which may make the interface easier for the toddler to use.

  • Silly Stories – Choose people, places & things. They will be included in a silly story that is read aloud to you (MadLibs!)
  • Block Puzzles – Build a toy with blocks to match a picture, then spell its name
  • Butterfly Hunt – Catch the colors/quantities of butterflies Leo asks for
  • Matching Socks – Concentration: match the pairs of socks in Caillou’s dresser
  • Tap That Tune – Listen and watch as Caillou’s Mom plays the xylophone, then repeat her notes
  • Cloud Pictures – Look for hidden shapes in the clouds before they pass you by
  • Song & Dance – Choose a song, then set up tiny dancing Caillou’s on the musical bars; click play, and watch the dance production!

Between games, there are video clips from the television show. Each game has its own instructions page, read aloud by Caillou’s Mom and repeatable at will; most games are fairly self-explanatory, but some (like Song & Dance) will probably require a parent’s assistance to play. There are 4 separate printable activities, each one branching out into several different parts, giving the child lots to do offline and reinforcing concepts introduced by the game. Among the early-learning skills covered are phonics, memory skills, listening, musical sequences, colors, pattern recognition, counting, and early reading/spelling.

Download Caillou Magic Playhouse

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Caillou Magic Playhouse is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2002) (192.0MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

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