Carnivores: Cityscape

Publishers Infogrames
Developers Sunstorm Interactive
Release date 2002
Genre Shooter, Action
Game rating

Game Description

Carnivores: Cityscape is a 2002 first-person shooter video game developed by Sunstorm Interactive and published by Infogrames for Microsoft Windows. It is the fourth entry in the Carnivores series. The plot expands upon the original storyline told throughout the main Carnivores series, this time pitting humans and dinosaurs in a battle for survival. The story follows the exploits of DinoCorp and their intent on providing its customers with the most unique hunting experience.

Download Carnivores: Cityscape

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Carnivores: Cityscape is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2002)

Carnivores_Cityscape_Win_ROM_EN.7z (379.1MB)

How to play on Windows

  1. Download and extract Carnivores_Cityscape_Win_ROM_EN.7z
  2. Open “Game Files”,mount Carnivores.mds and run the game setup
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and install the game
  4. When installation is finished, you can launch the game using the desktop shortcut.
  5. Enjoy!

Additional files, patches and fixes

Carnivores: Cityscape Gameplay Windows Manual (English)

Carnivores: Cityscape Gameplay Windows ReadMe (English)

Carnivores: Cityscape Screenshots


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  1. To download the game on hp (helwett packard), you have to get alcohol 120% and put your homescreen and the game file into alcohol 120%. Then the game will appear onto your homescreeen and click on the game to play.

  2. Hey I’m not sure how to mount the mds file. I’m not sure if there’s an instruction missing or if it’s something with Windows 10, or I just need another app to mount it, but it’s impossible to even get to the game setup.

  3. [FIX]

    Fatal Error!
    Cannot set display mode!
    Serious Sam was unable to find display mode with OpenGL acceleration.

    > Go to your game’s installed directory and open the “bin” folder.
    The directory looks something like this:
    ~Carnivores Cityscapebin

    > Right click Main.exe and open Properties.

    > In the Compatibility tab, under “Compatibility mode”,
    turn on “Run this program in compatibility for:”
    and set it to “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

  4. Hey man how can i fix lag inside the game when i start a campaing it lags but when i look down it doesn’t lag please help me. (I’m on windows 10)

    • It’s really difficult to know why but, you can try launching the game in compatibility mode for Windows XP. If that doesn’t work then try to play around with the in-game graphics settings?

  5. I got a display problem it says Serius Sam can’t set up display something like that idk. Please tell me how to fix this i was waiting this game for so long. D:


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