CSI: Dark Motives

Publishers Ubisoft
Developers 369 Interactive, Powerhead Games
Release date 2004
Genre Adventure
Game rating

Game Description

CSI: Dark Motives is a computer game based on the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation television series. The game was developed by 369 Interactive, published by Ubisoft, and was released for the PC in 2004. In November 2007 it was remade by Powerhead Games, published by Ubisoft and released for Nintendo DS. The Microsoft Xbox version of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation also contains the cases featured in this game.

Download CSI: Dark Motives

We might have the game available for more than one platform. CSI: Dark Motives is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2004)

CSI_Dark_Motives_Win_Setup_RU.zip (1.37GB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

CSI: Dark Motives Screenshots


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  1. I followed all the advice below, but my issue is that it won’t detect my keyboard input so I can’t start the game as it requires me to enter a name first. Any advice?

  2. Just found an original bug from the games release. There are problems with the language files for the game. Which are that some of the cases are half in another language and it’s very frustrating. I found a web forum that explains how to fix the problem. You will have to go down about half way to get the modern fix. It requires you to download from a google drive a set of new language files and replace the language files for each case. It was really easy and simple.



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