Dream Street Magic Time Adventure

Publishers Mindscape
Developers Mindscape
Release date 2002
Genre Adventure
Game rating

Game Description

Dream Street Magic Time Adventures is an adventure game for young children. The graphics are excellent as the children join Buddy in the world of Dream Street. Children use the mouse to move Buddy around Dream Street and choose to go in and out of play areas by clicking on moving objects. Children can start a new game or return to a saved game. There are a wide range of simple activities for children to complete, for example, making spinning tops move, drawing pictures that can be printed out, knocking down skittles, colouring in pictures. There is a special Tech Cam section where children can record their adventures and watch them. Children have a choice of 10 adventures to go on with Buddy. For example, they can help save Jack by collecting stars in the bubble factory, “zap” bees to stop them eating the cake at a picnic, help Buddy race against Rodney and discover the identity of the milk thief. When starting a new game children can select whether to play the games on green, orange or red levels and so the CD-ROM caters for children aged three to six years old. The simple activities would be an excellent introduction for very young children because they involve using the mouse and following instructions. Dream Street Magic Time Adventures would be a good buy for young children who would enjoy the excellent graphics and the fun activities in the magical world of Dream Street.

Download Dream Street Magic Time Adventure

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Dream Street Magic Time Adventure is currently available on these platforms:

Windows / Mac (2002)

Dream_Street_Magic_Time_Adventure_Win.Mac_ISO_EN.zip (497.5MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

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