ESPN NFL Primetime 2002

Publishers Konami of America, Inc.
Developers FarSight Technologies Inc.
Release date 2001
Genre Sports
Game rating

Game Description

ESPN NFL Primetime features all 31 NFL teams and home stadiums, updated player rosters, and an ESPN-broadcast visual style. You can look into the faces of 120 top NFL stars who are re-created with true-to-life heights and weights. Slick moves include jukes, spins, hurdles, dives, stiff-arms, and more. The game reflects individual team playbooks and tendencies, and uses motion-captured animations of NFL Pro Bowl players Antonio Freeman and Carnell Lake.

Manage your team for up to 15 seasons, create free agents or edit existing players with an in-depth player editor, and sign, retire, draft, and trade players. Trade for future draft picks and field computer-initiated trades. Watch as players improve their abilities over time with game experience, and set corresponding game plans, matchups, and depth charts for simulated games. The completely customizable scenario mode lets you create any game situation imaginable. Playing fields are degraded and uniforms dirtied based on weather conditions, further enhancing realism. ESPN NFL Primetime also includes animated sidelines, realistic crowd attendance, visible breath and steam from players during cold-weather games, and variable weather conditions and severities for snow, rain, and more.

Download ESPN NFL Primetime 2002

We might have the game available for more than one platform. ESPN NFL Primetime 2002 is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation 2 (2001) (584.8MB)

Windows (2001) (188MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

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PlayStation 2

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