Publishers Sierra Studios
Developers Valve
Release date 1998
Genre Action
Game rating
Custom FullCustom FullCustom FullCustom FullCustom Half4.3/5596 ratings

Game Description

Half-Life is a first-person shooter developed by Valve Corporation and released by Sierra on November 19, 1998 for Microsoft Windows. Half-Life follows the adventures of Gordon Freeman, a researcher at the Black Mesa Research Facility, a gigantic, top-secret scientific complex housed in a disused military base totally buried beneath the surface. While participating in an experiment on a mysterious sample, Freeman involuntarily opens an interdimensional gap to a parallel world, Xen, populated by alien creatures. Aliens of various species and races burst across the center and savagely attack his staff. The test room is partially destroyed but Freeman, equipped with a “Hazard Suit” (HEV), manages to escape unscathed. The center of Black Mesa is littered with corpses and the invading creatures chase the survivors. Gordon, supported by colleagues and security guards at the center, faces them in the hopes of surviving and being able to return to the surface for help. During these events, Gordon will discover that the US government is trying to stifle the case by sending a commando unit to kill the survivors.

Download Half-Life

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Half-Life is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (1998)

Half-Life.rar (246.8MB)

How to play on Windows

  1. Click on the download button below. It should redirect you to your download (usually a .zip file). Make sure you download the file properly and that your internet does not disconnect while downloading.
  2. Password for the .zip file is:
  3. Run the hlsetup.exe file
  4. Go through the setup steps (you can choose which DLCs you want)
  5. Play the game

Additional files, patches and fixes

Half-Life Windows Manual (English)

Half-Life Windows Manual 2 (English)

Half-Life Screenshots