I Spy Treasure Hunt

Publishers Scholastic Inc
Developers Black Hammer Productions Inc
Release date 2001
Genre Educational
Game rating

Game Description

I Spy: Fun House is an Educational game developed by Black Hammer Productions Inc and published by Scholastic Inc in 2001.

Download I Spy Treasure Hunt

We might have the game available for more than one platform. I Spy Treasure Hunt is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2001)

I_Spy_Treasure_Hunt_Win_ISO_EN.zip (360.2MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

I Spy Treasure Hunt Screenshots


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  1. having the same issue as “carter” “peepo” and “spitz” in the comments: “I am able to install and boot the game but it seems as soon as i get off the train and try to click the doors the game crashes or freezes and will not let me interact with it. When i reboot the game i am in the game but i cannot interact with anything and the sounds still happen but when i try to click on places nothing happens and nothing moves when i hover over things anybody know how to fix i have tried changing compatibility and running as an administrator and even uninstalling and reinstalling to no luck” how can we fix this?? :(((


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