JumpStart Languages

Publishers Knowledge Adventure
Developers Knowledge Adventure
Release date 2001
Genre Educational
Game rating

Game Description

JumpStart Languages is an Early Discovery JumpStart game released by Knowledge Adventure in 2001. It is designed to teach French, Spanish, and Japanese for ages 3-6.

Download JumpStart Languages

We might have the game available for more than one platform. JumpStart Languages is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2001)

JumpStart_Languages_Win_ISO_EN.zip (385.6MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes


JumpStart Languages Screenshots


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  1. I found out how to get the game to run!!! Follow these instructions:
    1. Find the correct ini file for your program. Do a search of the installed directory and/or “Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Knowledge Adventure” on your hard drive for all .ini files. (the ‘Documents and Settings’ location may vary from system to system)
    2. You should see a .ini file with the same base filename as the exe of the program. For example: JumpStart Advanced First Grade will have these files: JAS1G.exe and JSA1G.ini. You will want to edit the JSA1G.ini file. You should make a copy of this file before editing in case you run into any problems.
    3. Open the .ini file using notepad.exe or similar text editor.
    4. Search the file for these lines and add a semicolon ‘;’ at the beginning of these lines:
    5. Save the file, restart your system and run the program again.

  2. So I decided to come back to this and try again on my new computer. Once again I ran into the same issue of it installing fine, opening fine, and once I hit play it would zoom in on my screen and then close out. I ran into a similar situation with the same file from Archive.org as well.

    I’m not understanding as games older than this have ran just fine without the need of VirtualBox or anything similar. At this point, until I start working on my old PC tower, my hopes and dreams of visiting the Jumpstart World’s Fair are just that, dreams.

  3. This is the re-release version titled JumpStart Advanced Language Club… (which i think is still he same game, just re-released under a different title) but still keep it under this title anyway

  4. File will start up, change display, and then cancel out. I even used Wine OTDVM and it didn’t help. If anyone has any luck, let me know.

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    • This isn’t relevant to this game at all. This is just random facts and opinions about something, to my research, doesn’t exist. This comment should be flagged for spam, but there’s no way to report it.


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