My Horse & Me

Publishers Atari Europe S.A.S.U.
Developers W!Games
Release date 2007
Genre Sports
Game rating

Game Description

Almost every girl at some point in their life dreams of riding or owning a horse. They share a special friendship that is nurtured through riding, training, and caretaking. This unique horse experience is now captured in computer and video game form by My Horse & Me.


  • Enjoy all the excitement of an equestrian life with this fun simulation game
  • Take part in competitions at indoor and outdoor locations around the globe
  • Rewarding horse-care game play, leisure riding, and extensive customization
  • Exceptionally accurate horse models and animations; variety of mini games
  • Official FEI license; play in 1st- or 3rd-person view; multiplayer mode

Download My Horse & Me

We might have the game available for more than one platform. My Horse & Me is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2007) (3.5GB)

Additional files, patches and fixes


My Horse & Me Screenshots


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  1. If someone’s game shortcut does not appear on the desktop in the start menu, then you should install the game in Windows XP compatibility mode. The game was released at the turn of 2007/2008, so then the latest systems were Windows XP and Windows Vista. Vista had a program called Game Explorer that also appeared in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, but was removed in Windows 10. My Horse and Me installs in Windows Vista compatibility mode by default. You need to change the properties of the setup.exe file

  2. I figured out how to run the game everyone. You install the game using the normal ISO that you download. Once you are done with installing mount the no cd crack found below the main ISO here. Afterwards put in a completely empty disc or cd that you might have lying around in your PC and then run the game. But you have to get out of the game at least once with the windows key to make the game respond to your keyboard.

    • i tried that and it doesn’t work. i even went and bought a portable disk thing bc my laptop doesn’t have that and it didn’t work because it says the crack files are corrupted, i tried redownloading them after i updated my sages drivers and still nothing. the installer works fine just not the crack. can u help me??? idk how to make the crack files work at all… i tried the one in the game folder & the other one in this website and it does not work. would rlly appreciate if u could help me out w that

  3. it worked for me using rikiros method! then you must open it as an admin or you can change settings in pennygame.bat. i also put the iso files where the games is, worked fine. will burn into a cd because its quite tricky to mount the iso file and a cd at the same time!.

  4. Everybody i figured out how to get the game running. First install the game from the main download: (3.5GB). Afterwards install the tages drivers from the official tages website then mount the mds file from the nocd crack: My_Horse_And_Me_(NORMAL_tages_MINI_image_by_xKVtor).mds not the seperate one from this website. then get a blankempty cd and put it into your pc at the same time as the mds file. Then run the ponygame.bat from where you installed the game and it should run.

  5. Hey guys, I actually managed to get it to work through some comments below, published a year ago. I have the game on CD since my youth, and had the same problem some of you describe; only the setup programme keeps pop up, never starts the game.

    So this is what I did, update these drivers. Then it all got really simple, almost silly. Right click the mounted file, choose Open, click your way through the folders, and just simply double click the file named “ThePonyGame” when you find it. Bam, the game started and ran smoothly for hours, after some resolution changes of course.

    Hope this will help, I know all of y’all frustration. Next step for me will be the 2nd game, wish me luck xD

    • Can you please help me out I installed the game mounted the cd crack and installed the tages drivers, but it still gives me an error saying insert original CD what do I do now.


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