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My Horse & Me 2

Publishers Atari Europe S.A.S.U.
Developers Tate Interactive Sp z.o.o
Release date 2008
Genre Simulation
Game rating

Game Description

My Horse & Me 2 is a Simulation game developed by Tate Interactive Sp z.o.o and published by Atari Europe S.A.S.U. in 2008.

My Horse & Me 2 Screenshots


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  1. Do not try to run the game with a Virtual Machine. You will only waste your time. YouTube user RAL 999 shared the entire series from ATARI. These games work and are a lot of fun.

  2. I have tried to crack it, but it wont work. I cant paste the file becaus ‘their is not eneough space’ and i cant replace the original with the oter.
    Also, now i cant remove it from my pc
    (i have a windows 10)

  3. Yes, the game should work without the DVD. The file is safe because I scanned it with VirusTotal. However, you will not be able to change the settings via Configuration in Launcher. Instead, you need to go to the following location:
    “C:\Users\(YourUserName)\AppData\Local” and find the ‘Horse’ folder (in this folder there are two files where you can change the configuration manually, the changes will be visible immediately after starting the game). Its name needs to be changed to ‘My Horse and Me 2’.

  4. I’ve tried mounting this game every way and tried other downloads and it will not run without the disc. Everything downloads and works but it will not run the game without the disc.


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