Nightmare Ned

Publishers Disney Interactive, Inc.
Developers Creative Capers Entertainment, Inc., Window Painters Ltd.
Release date 1997
Genre Action
Game rating

Game Description

Nightmare Ned is an adventure game released in 1997. It was developed by Creative Capers Entertainment and published by Disney Interactive. It centers around Ned Needlemeyer, a young boy with an overactive imagination who dealt with problems through his nightmares. The nightmare realms were in a style that bore a resemblance to Tim Burton’s work.

Download Nightmare Ned

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Nightmare Ned is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (1997) (613.9MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Nightmare Ned Screenshots


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  1. near impossible to run… tried everything with this bin and cue. almost everything else i’ve gotten from this site eventually works out with some playing around; not this one.
    you probably NEED an emulator and the ones suggested below arent working either.
    if anyone has a reliable way of running this on modern Windows please halp

  2. It would be cool if someone remade this game in Unity, sprites and all. Then I would finally be able to play it with steam’s controller support.

  3. You might try to get this game working, but it will be a hassle. It will probably not work on Virtual Machines or DosBox installed with Windows 95/98, and will definitely not work on windows higher than XP. There’s a russian site that has it’s own emulator but it didn’t work either.
    To make this work you have to install windows 95/98 on a compatible PC or to buy it from but I cannot confirm if it will work.
    I Tried to talk with the guy that runs allvideoclassicgames site but he always gave me evasive answers so I couldn’t find a way to make this work properly and just buy from him.

    But there’s is hope.

    The have a working version of this game, it emulates on PCemu, it works very slow on my PC but it really works. So y’all might try this instead.

  4. Which file do I use to open or set up the game? I mounted the .bin and .cue files, but the applications in the folder don’t seem to work. Autoplay is the only application with an icon, but doesn’t do anything when opened. The other three applications in the folder I am unable to run.


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