Pippa Funnell: The Stud Farm Inheritance

Publishers Ubisoft Entertainment SA
Developers Lexis Numérique SA
Release date 2005
Genre Simulation, Sports
Game rating

Game Description

Great news: you’ve just inherited a stud farm! But there is one condition: you have to organise a big horse tournament at the stud farm. But be careful – some people are not keen on this project!


  • Personalise your stable and your stud farm yourself.
  • Rebuild the stud farm how you want it.
  • Train and take care of your horses to make them gain experience points.
  • Choose and ride your favourite horses.
  • Take part in all the different competitions including dressage and show jumping.
  • Pippa will guide you through the competitions and give you helpful advice.
  • Prove your success in the several available missions, and challenge Pippa in the final!
  • Unlimited gameplay: keep on managing your stud farm once the adventure is over.

Download Pippa Funnell: The Stud Farm Inheritance

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Pippa Funnell: The Stud Farm Inheritance is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2005)

Pippa_Funnell_The_Stud_Farm_Inheritance_Win_ROM_EN.zip (495.5MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Pippa Funnell: The Stud Farm Inheritance Windows Manual (English)

Pippa Funnell: The Stud Farm Inheritance Screenshots


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  1. Installed the game and can’t get the game to run at all. I have Windows 10 and have tried compatability mode and running as admin.

    • I think the game file here is busted. I actually found a copy on Internet Archive under the American name (Saddle Up with Pippa Funnell) and downloaded that. Used WinCDEmu to mount the file and got it running on Windows 11 with no issues! Have been playing all evening haha!

  2. I got a popup saying that the disc image file is corrupted when I tried to mount it. Is it actually? Has anyone else gotten this error message? Or would running a virtual machine or something solve this? I’m running windows 11 so I know that might not work, but it telling me it’s corrupted has thrown me. Thanks!

  3. I got it to work on a vmware windows xp virtual machine. It didn’t work at first but i got a french version to work and then the English version started working as well. There is a bug where however long you brush the horse the gauge it never turns green so you have to go in your saves horses and write Done instead of Todo in the first column in whichever horse your trying to brush.

    If you have any question ill try to come back to this page regularly as it took me months to figure out how to play it.

    • I’m actually French and I was looking everywhere to find a version of the game in my language! I had the original cd when I was little but this was destroyed when my parents threw away my old pc not knowing the disc was in it. I tried to run the English version of this site but it seems the game does not launch because of the protections on the original disc.
      I would be very interested in the French files you found. Could you tell me where you found it? I would be extremely grateful to you.

    • i have some problem with the first time i should brush the horse, if i save before going in and edit the same file and put brush to done, thomas still won’t let me ride, he says there are still tasks todo even though i did everything else as well and everything is green. How did you fix that?

    • the only way i’ve found is to install a vitrual machine (i used windows XP on VMware, with a youtube tutorial) and use daemontools to mount the ISO file you can download here. Then link the Disk of the virtual machine to the disk from daemontools and you should be able to launch it.

      • you don’t need daemon tools??? you just use wincdemu which is not a cash grab btw unlike daemon, and you mount the iso in the VM itself lol


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