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Pop Life

Publishers Monte Cristo
Developers Monte Cristo
Release date 2005
Genre Simulation
Game rating

Game Description

You’ve made it all the way through the challenges of the great TV show! But this is just the beginning of the path. For you, a whole new adventure is starting. Teachers, new concerts, you’ve everything to discover. And more than ever you need to make friends amoung the teachers and show biz professionals. Will you be up to the task? Welcome to Pop Life! This game allows you to follow the career of the winner of the ‘Pop Life’ contest through a series of concerts throughout the world. You will need to call on teachers to teach you songs, dance steps and stage effects to create your own spectacular concets. You’ll prepare your concerts in a house you build yourself, while making sure to do the max to please your fans. On to fame and glory!

Download Pop Life

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Pop Life is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2005) (660.3MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes


Pop Life Screenshots


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  1. Still nobody knows the solution for the lagging problem? I tried to run it as admin, and everything but it’s the same in every mode… Pls help! (win7)

  2. Please, please, pretty please, help me! It runs extremely slowly on my laptop with Windows 10. How can I make it faster? How to speed my FPS up?

  3. Hello there,

    I’d like to ask you if someone could just tell me how can I even play the game on Windows 10? Is that even possible? Thanks a lot for any help.

    • This one is the same as Fame Academy IIRC which is available for download here on this site. Check it out. Pop Life was just an alternate title.

      • there is also star academy , i used to play it as a kid , i think it a french version of the title but the same game and music , and since in Algeria we speak french we got the star academy title , i didnt play much because of some bugs in the game but the music and making the character stuck on me , i prefer the star academy title then this pop life title because it look better with the golden guy with the star on his hand and the music ahhh the nostalgia , they are people seeling the game on ebay but the cd doesnt work on windows 7 or 10 so it should be working on xp i think idk . i cant buy it because we dont have credit card , but i wish i could atleast replay it or someone upload this lost game . we need to saveit before it get lost to history .

    • I thought Fame Academy/Pop Life was already on here. I managed to find it for download and I’ll send it to the website admin. πŸ™‚


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