Road Construction Ahead

Publishers Simon & Schuster Interactive
Developers Simon & Schuster Interactive
Release date 1997
Genre Educational
Game rating

Game Description

Road Construction Ahead is an Educational game developed by Simon & Schuster Interactive and published by Simon & Schuster Interactive in 1997.

Download Road Construction Ahead

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Road Construction Ahead is currently available on these platforms:

Windows / Mac (1997)

Teach Your Children Road Construction Ahead.iso (357.7MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Road Construction Ahead Screenshots


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          • Ah okay, it’s just that the contact form page states “This form is reserved for video game publishers and developers that want a game archived or unarchived. DMCA takedown requests must also be submitted here. For all other queries, please read the section below.”, so I didn’t get the impression that it should be used for any other contact reason(s).

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          • Unfortunately putting the email address here would get it scraped by bots and we already receive hundreds of spam email daily – but feel free to send us a message on the contact form and we will reply with the website’s correct email address!
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