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Silent Hill 3

Publishers Konami
Developers Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Release date 2003
Genre Fighting
Game rating

Game Description

Silent Hill 3 is a survival horror video game published by Konami for the PlayStation 2 and developed by Team Silent, a production group within Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. It is the third installment in the Silent Hill series and a direct sequel to the first Silent Hill game. It was released in May 2003, with a port to Microsoft Windows released in October of the same year.

Download Silent Hill 3

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Silent Hill 3 is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation 2 (2003)

Silent_Hill_3_PS2_ROM_EN.7z (1.72GB)

Windows (2003)

Silent_Hill_3_Win_ISO_EN.7z (2.56GB)

How to play on Windows

  1. Download and Extract Silent_Hill_3_Win_ISO_EN.7z
  2. Open the “Game Files” folder and mount Silent.Hill.3.iso
  3. Run setup.exe and follow on-screen instructions to install the game
  4. When the installation is finished, go into the folder called “Deviance” and copy-paste the contents into the game installation directory. Confirm that you want to replace the destination files.
  5. Play the game

Additional files, patches and fixes

Silent Hill 3 PlayStation 2 Manual (English)

Silent Hill 3 Screenshots

PlayStation 2

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  1. i’ve tried downloading the game 3 times. it stops at the end of downloading and then eventually causes my laptop to freeze. is there a way to fix this? am i doing something wrong? please help lol

  2. I’m getting a “Data not saved” message sort of stretched out at the bottom of the screen before the game loads, is this gonna be a problem?


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