Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Publishers Activision
Developers Shaba Games, Treyarch, Aspyr Media, Griptonite Games
Release date 2008
Genre Action, Adventure
Game rating

Game Description

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a video game title encompassing three versions: a full-3D action-adventure game set in an open world for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360; a 2.5D side-scrolling brawler/platformer for the Nintendo DS; and a 2.5D sidescrolling beat em up action game for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable (called Amazing Allies Edition).

Download Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation 2 (2008)

Spider_Man_Web_of_Shadows_PS2_ISO_USA.zip (345.8MB)

PlayStation Portable (2008)

Spider_Man_Web_of_Shadows_PSP_ROM_USA.zip (202.0MB)

Windows (2008)

Spider_Man_Web_of_Shadows_Win_ISO_EN.zip (3.84GB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Screenshots


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  1. Why Is My Game Not Saving Anything And Why I Can’t Find Any Save Folder?
    The Game Works Fine But The Thing Is That If You Can’t Save Your Progress Than It’s Nothing. I Downloaded This Game From Here In June 23, 2023. It Worked Just Fine. But What About Know? Why Is This Happening? Running The Game As An Administrator? Turning The Anti-virus Off? Oh Boy I’v Done Them Also. You Gotta Give The Solutions Bro. What A Masterpiece Game But…… 🙁

    Almost Same With The Ultimate Spider-Man. It Worked Fine When I Downloaded It In January 2023. But The Loading Option Be Like:
    (1)- – — – — / / / — – –
    (2)– – – – – – – – //—

    It Ain’t Saving Any Progress. Please Mods. Give Me A Solution

  2. How to play Spider-Man Web of Shadows on PC:

    Create folder for Spiderman WoS

    Move the downloaded file to Spiderman WoS

    Open the downloaded file with WinRAR (7zip might work, not sure)

    Click on Setup > rsrc

    Click on AUTORUN.EXE and wait until extract is complete

    Click on Install.exe and wait until extract is complete

    A UAC prompt should pop up asking to run Setup Installer, allow this

    Choose language in Setup Installer and proceed

    8.1 If an error code pops up, double click SMWoS.exe in WinRAR and wait until extract is complete, then proceed with step 9

    9. Follow the prompts for the Spiderman WoS installer (recommmended to install to ‘Program Files (x86)’ if you want to exactly follow this guide)

    10. Once installation is complete, DO NOT press ‘Play’, and instead press ‘Quit’

    11. In File Manager, navigate to Program Files (x86) > Activision > Spider-Man: Web of Shadows > image > pc

    12. In WinRAR, navigate to back to spiderman wos (TJK). Then click on the ‘Crack’ folder.

    13. Drag ‘Spider-Man Web of Shadows.exe’ into Program Files (x86)\Activision\Spider-Man – Web of Shadows\image\pc

    14. Click ‘Replace the file in the destination’

    15. Launch ‘Spider-Man Launcher.exe’

    16. Navigate to ‘Video’ tab and select desired resolution + V-Sync settings

    17. Click play and enjoy!

    17.1 To relaunch the game, launch ‘Spider-Man Web of Shadows.exe’

    17.2 Xbox controller settings are loaded automatically, although it is recommended to add WoS to Steam

    • But The Problem Is It Says It’s a DVD game? So How Am I Gonna Follow These Steps? And Here I’m Having Issues With Saving The Game Bruh. My Progress Gets Wasted Every time I Run This Game.
      Why Am I Facing These Problems Though I Once Downloaded This Game In June 2023 and I Had No Issues.


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