Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue

Publishers The Learning Company
Developers The Learning Company
Release date 1995
Genre Educational
Game rating

Game Description

The Master of Mischief is planning on making Shady Glen School disappear! He has invented disappearing paint and turned five paintbrushes into robots to paint the school at midnight. The Master of Mischief himself is disguised as a robot, and it is your job to find him. Hidden throughout the school are clues that reveal his whereabouts. Robots are placed in the school to slow your progress, some of which may even contain clues themselves. You carry a camera with you to take a picture and examine dangerous robots closer.

Download Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue is currently available on these platforms:

Windows 3.x (1995) (93.3MB)

 DOS (1995) (421.7KB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue Screenshots


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  1. I am able to install this on Windows XP, but the installer warns that I need an MCI Driver for sound which is missing. When I try to run the game, it says I need a driver to play MIDIs, although I can play MIDIs just fine outside of the game, and closes out.

    Any ideas? I tried going back to Windows 98 and got almost the same message, except that one says my sound card doesn’t have a driver to play WAVs.


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