Tail Gunner

Publishers Cinematronics
Developers Vectorbeam
Release date 1979
Genre Shooter
Game rating

Game Description

Tail Gunner is a monochrome vector arcade game created by Vectorbeam in 1979. The premise of the game is that the player is the tailgunner of a large space ship. Enemy spacecraft attack the vessel in groups of three, and the player must aim a set of crosshairs and shoot the enemies before they slip past the player’s cannons. Because of the game’s depicted viewpoint, instead of appearing to fly into the starfield, the stars move toward the center of the screen.

Download Tail Gunner

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Tail Gunner is currently available on these platforms:

Arcade (1979)

Tail_Gunner_Arcade_ROM_EN.zip (10.7KB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Tail Gunner Arcade Manual (English)

Tail Gunner Screenshots


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