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Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

Publishers Activision
Developers Neversoft
Release date 2004
Genre Sports
Game rating

Game Description

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 is a sports video game, the sixth installment in Neversoft’s Tony Hawk’s series and is the sequel to Tony Hawk’s Underground. Underground 2 was released on October 4, 2004 in the U.S. for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Advance platforms. On March 15, 2005, it was released for the PlayStation Portable and renamed Tony Hawk’s Underground 2: Remix, which includes extra levels and characters.

Download Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2004) (2.08 GB)

How to play on Windows

  1. Download the “” file from the link above.
  2. Open the downloaded .zip file and extract the “THUG2_Win_ROM_EN” folder to your desktop. You will need to use a software such as WinRAR to do this.
  3. Open the extracted “THUG2_Win_ROM_EN” folder and then open the “Game Files” folder.
  4. Open the “CD1” folder and then mount the “rld-thua.bin” file to an empty disc drive. To do this, you will need to download a software such as PowerISO or Daemon Tools (right click on the file and there you should see your options to mount the file).
  5. Open the mounted disc drive and then run “Setup.exe”. The setup for the game should now launch.
  6. When prompted, mount the .bin file found in the “CD2” folder into an empty drive, and when prompted again do the same for the .bin file found in the “CD3” folder.
  7. Go through the game setup and finish installing the game.
  8. Launch the game using the desktop shortcut.
  9. Enjoy the game!

Additional files, patches and fixes

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Windows Manual (English)

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Windows Manual (German)

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Windows Manual (French)

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Screenshots


Image Credits: MobyGames

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  1. Having some problem when i activate “special” the screen freezes… everything else is running fine. Anyone who has the same problem or know how to fix?

  2. I too had the launcher fail after installation. Here’s the fix:
    Follow the installation instructions per the guide. Once the installation is complete, mount disc 3 again. Within that disc is the folder ‘Crack’, right click and copy THUG2.exe from there. Then, find the folder you installed the game into. Within there, go into the subfolder ‘Game’ and paste the ‘crack’ Thug2.exe, replacing the original. This, for me, worked and I hope it does for you too!


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