World Racing 2

Publishers TDK
Developers Synetic GmbH
Release date 2005
Genre Racing
Game rating

Game Description

World Racing 2 is a video game by Synetic GmbH. It is the sequel to Mercedes Benz World Racing.

Download World Racing 2

We might have the game available for more than one platform. World Racing 2 is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2005) (2.23GB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

World Racing 2 Windows ReadMe (English)

World Racing 2 Screenshots


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  1. Don’t download this game, just..please don’t. I tried downloading this on my old laptop, and it corrupted my computer (i was 13 years old so don’t judge me. ok?). Just don’t be retarded like i was,
    and would you just send a zip file of this game, patched please? thank you.

  2. Starforce only causes windows to be unable to boot if not updated first. They have an update tool on their website. But, for games that are as old as World Racing 2, the update doesn’t work.
    The game download includes a starforce removal tool that 100% works.
    The sad thing is this, L.A. Rush and other great games around that time are rendered useless by any modern machine unless someone takes on the role that the developers did not care to take on, which is to somehow create an update to the starforce protection so that we could enjoy these great games.
    So often, too often, a genre of game is just not embraced the same as a certain era, and new games are so heavy on requirements, people like myself wish to play mid-spec games that simply do not exist.
    Without caring retro-actively about genres like WR2 and L.A. rush, we’re just simply stuck having to choose games that are different from what we want.


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