Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island

Publishers Electronic Arts
Developers Digital Extremes
Release date 2001
Genre Action
Game rating

Game Description

Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island is a pinball video game released in 2001 by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows. The game uses the Unreal engine which was previously only used for first-person shooter games. It provided a fresh new gameplay experience for its time, especially in the aspect of pinball games. The game is rendered in 3-D and has both a story mode consisting of 9 levels, where no actual pinball tables exist and a table mode. Most of the levels must be unlocked by completing other levels. There are hidden areas in the story mode to earn bonus points, it also features special power-ups to help the player’s progression through the game.

Download Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2001) (552.8MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island Windows ReadMe (English)

Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island Screenshots


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  1. I’m trying my best to understand how to download it. I read the wiki page. What exactly do I have to do? Extract? Use the DoxBox? An emulator? Do I have to crack it? Mount? I was expecting something simple: just execute the program and play it. Somebody tell me what to do!

  2. You may need to be careful here! I installed this on my old laptop with Windows 7 Starter x86. After the installation completed, I replaced the original .exe with the fixed because the latter one runs properly, the DRM included here is so broken you need to replace the pb.exe file. It didn’t work either! I’ve been trying everything, safe mode, window mode, but nothing! Even if it ran for a shooooort while, it crashed. So I decided to remove this from PC, but another problem seems to occur here: the computer launched waaaaay longer than previously and the theme changed itself into Classic Windows! I can thank myself because I had a restore point I used and everything went back after 19 minutes or so. Make a restore point JUST BEFORE insertion of the CD into the drive! Beware of this on Windows 7 and possibly newer, including 64-bit releases!

  3. is my snesx9 possibly interfering with my downloads? it’s not near any of the files but keeps popping up in everthing I download. I’ve gotten a few games to work but most not. Do most of them install the dame as duke nukem 3d would?


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