Catz 4

Publishers Mindscape
Developers P.F. Magic
Release date 1999
Genre Simulation
Game rating

Game Description

Catz 4 is a Simulation game, developed by PF.Magic and published by Mindscape, which was released in 1999.

Download Catz 4

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Catz 4 is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (1999) (94.0MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Catz 4 Windows ReadMe (English)

Catz 4 Screenshots


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  1. I’m having the same issue as everyone else. I’ve read through the wiki and followed all steps (checking to see if the files were stuck in quarantine and then redownloading with a paused antivirus) and haven’t had any luck.

    I need verbassert.dll, UVocab.dll, and SMAPI.ddl. Thanks for your help!

  2. its telling me it can’t open it. That there isn’t any app to open it. My computer is Mac OS air, is it too new to play older games?? Please get back to me asap, i only have some time to prepare the game and really am trying to get it downloaded before I lost my internet access. Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day!

    • I mean, it’s a Windows/PC game. If you have an emulator for Windows on it/an older version of Windows at least, then it should be playable? .-.

  3. I’m having the same issues as the other commenter. The folder says the game is ‘Preinstalled’, so there’s no setup options, and so I can’t reinstall the game like the error messages suggest. I can’t find any information on this site as to how to run preinstalled games. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this issue?


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