The Oregon Trail: 3rd Edition

Publishers The Learning Company
Developers MECC
Release date 1997
Genre Educational
Game rating

Game Description

The Oregon Trail 3rd Edition (full title: The Oregon Trail 3rd Edition: Pioneer Adventures) is the second sequel to the 1982 educational video game The Oregon Trail after Oregon Trail II. It was developed by MECC and released on Dec 31, 1997.

Download The Oregon Trail: 3rd Edition

We might have the game available for more than one platform. The Oregon Trail: 3rd Edition is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (1997)

The_Oregon_Trail_3rd_Edition_Win_ISO_EN.7z (1.37GB)

How to play on Windows 95/XP/7/8/8.1

  1. Download and Extract The_Oregon_Trail_3rd_Edition_Win_ISO_EN.7z
  2. Open the “Game Files” folder and then mount “OGD.OT3CD1.ISO” to a virtual drive
  3. Go to the mounted drive and run Setup.exe. Follow on-screen instructions to install the game
  4. When the game setup is completed, launch the game.
  5. When in-game, you will be prompted to insert the other CDs at certain stages. To do this, simply mount CD2 and CD3 to virtual drives as well and then continue the game.
  6. Play the game

Additional files, patches and fixes

The Oregon Trail: 3rd Edition Screenshots


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  1. Mine wont run because it wont run on a 64-bit. Been troubleshooting but kinda stuck. I’m glad I’m not the only one or else I’d feel like a total idiot 😀

  2. I also can not get this program to work after mounting. It keeps saying I cannot run this program on my pc. I have a windows 10. Is there anything I can change or attempt or another version to try?

  3. Cant get this to work. After mounting, I tried to run setup.exe and I got a message “This app cant run on your PC, To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher”
    I used the inbuilt windows 10 mounting feature not a 3rd party app, could this be the problem?

    • I got this same error after mounting to a virtual drive. This is by far the best version of Oregon Trail and I would love to be able to play it again if anyone can help. I have the 3 CDs, I have tried what was reccomended on this site as well as what was reccomended on a few youtube videos about trying to run old games. I have a laptop that I kept in order to play these games but apparently it is dead (though I may just have the wrong power cord), I am trying to figure out how I can trust to buy a vintage computer / laptop in order to play this again, if anyone has any suggestions on:

      1. How to run this game on Windows 7 (with or without the disks)
      2. Where to find a computer to buy that I can trust will run this (ideally a laptop as I already have a desktop on my desk).
      3. If the cord fits the plug to my laptop (I found 3 and gave each one 24 hours to try to charge the computer) and it flashes the blue battery light does that mean my laptop is toast or I just need to purchase the correct replacement cord (and if this is the case how do I find the exact right cord).

      Thank you!

      • Download a virtual machine. This will allow you to emulate an older computer (OS) without having to buy one. I would recommend using UTM and running their already made Windows XP build. Hope this helps.

    • Yeah im on a windows computer and its not working when i click on Setup.exe aswell, the funny thing is i downloaded oregon trial 2 from this website which released 2 years before 3D one we are trying to download and it working fine, ive done everything i can to make it work but it could just be the program thats used for the setup and keep in mind the game is like 23 years old.

  4. There is no way to get this working on PCEM is there? even with the physical disc I own I’m getting told I’m preforming an illegal Action or some nonsense….

    Please help I’d really like to play this version of the game in some way. It brings back a lot of fond memories and it’s sad that there is no way to actually play this on modern hardware and apparently even on virtual machines or emulators like PCEM…


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