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Zool 2

Publishers Gremlin Graphics Software Limited
Developers Gremlin Graphics Software Limited, The Warp Factory
Release date 1993
Genre Action
Game rating

Game Description

In Zool 2 you control Zool or his sidekick Zooz in a fight to save the Nth Dimension from the evil Krool and his morphing henchman Mental Block. To succeed you must complete 18 levels and defeat six bosses. Both Zool and Zooz have similar movement capabilities. The characters can jump, climp, flip, and fire bullets. A power jump function allows the characters to break through certain floors or ceilings. Each character also has a special function: Zool has a power jump and Zooz carries a whip. The screen scrolls in all directions as you move about the levels. Each level has a time limit. Powerups scattered throught the levels include smart bombs, invincibility, extra lives, extra health and a time bonus.

Download Zool 2

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Zool 2 is currently available on these platforms:

Amiga (1993) (6.6MB)

DOS (1994) (1.2MB) (27.0MB)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Zool 2 Screenshots


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