Emperor: Battle for Dune

Publishers EA Games
Developers Intelligent Games, Westwood Studios
Release date 2001
Genre Strategy
Game rating

Game Description

Emperor: Battle for Dune is a Dune video game, released by Westwood Studios on June 12, 2001. It is based in Frank Herbert’s science fiction Dune universe. It is the third real-time strategy game set in the Dune universe, following its predecessors, Dune II and Dune 2000. While Dune II was a totally distinct story to that of Dune, and Dune 2000 was a remake of Dune II, Emperor is a direct sequel to the previous games. In particular, it is a sequel to Dune 2000, carrying on from where it left off, with several of the characters and actors returning. Like Dune 2000 and many of the other Westwood games that came before it, Emperor features cut scenes filmed with live actors.

Download Emperor: Battle for Dune

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Emperor: Battle for Dune is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2001)

Emperor_Battle_for_Dune_Windows.zip (1.89 GB)

Text instructions (how to play on Windows)

    1. Click on the download button below. It should redirect you to your download (a .rar file). Make sure you download the file properly and that your internet does not disconnect while downloading.
    2. Extract the “Emperor_Battle_for_Dune_Windows.zip” folder to your desktop. You will need a software such as WinRAR to do this.
    1. Open the folder called “Game Files” and in there, you want to open the folder called “ISO Files”. In there, you want to mount the file called “1. INSTALL DISK” to any empty virtual disc. To do this, you will need to download a software such as PowerISO or Daemon Tools (right click on the file and there you should see your options to mount the file).
  1. Once you have the file mounted, run the game setup. Install the game (you can leave everything at default). When asked for a serial code, use “036642-256734-246754-5204”.
  2. Once installed, open the “Patch” folder and then double click on the file called “EM109EN.exe” to install the patch.
  3. Once the patch is installed, open the folder called “Crack” and then copy the file inside of it called “Emperor.exe”. Go into the game’s installation directory (default directory is C:\Westwood\Emperor) and paste the file there. Confirm that you want to replace the files in the destination.
  4. To launch the game, all you want to do is double click on the file called “Emperor.exe” and your game show now launch!
  5. Enjoy the game!
  6. If you want to play one of the campaigns, if you go into the “ISO Files” folder, you will see a list of the game discs. You must mount the disc of the campaign you want to play before you can play that campaign (or just mount them all at once for smoother playing.)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Emperor: Battle for Dune Manual

Emperor: Battle for Dune 1.09 Patch (Windows)

Emperor: Battle for Dune


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  1. Hi, there. Who has the problem to install the game, I recommend you to download the virtual disc software such as DAEMON Tools, once you installed try to mount 1.Install Disk then try to install from the virtual disc again. have fun.


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