Publishers Activision
Developers Raven Software
Release date 2001
Genre Shooter
Game rating
Custom FullCustom FullCustom FullCustom FullCustom Full5/51 rating

Game Description

An expansion pack to the computer version of Elite Force was announced by Activision in February 2001. The expansion pack does not add new campaign content in the conventional sense, rather adding a “Virtual Voyager” mode to the game, allowing the player to explore ten more decks of the ship. Within these ten levels, the player can interact with a variety of characters, collect secret items and operate various ship functions such as using replicators, reading characters’ personal logs and accessing the ship’s computer files.

Download Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Expansion Pack

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Expansion Pack is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2001)

Star_Trek_Voyager_Elite_Force_Expansion_Pack_Win_Files_EN.7z (622MB)

Star_Trek_Voyager_Elite_Force_Expansion_Pack_Win_ISO_EN.7z (286MB)

How to play on Windows (preinstalled)

  1. Download and Extract Star_Trek_Voyager_Elite_Force_Expansion_Pack_Win_ISO_EN.7z
  2. Open the “Game Files” folder and run “stvoy.exe”
  3. Play the game!

How to play on Windows (install version)

  1. Download and Extract Star_Trek_Voyager_Elite_Force_Win_ISO_EN.7z – you can get this file from here.
  2. Download “Star_Trek_Voyager_Elite_Force_NoCD_Win_EN”
  3. Download and Extract Star_Trek_Voyager_Elite_Force_Expansion_Pack_Win_ISO_EN.7z from this page.
  4. Mount “Voyager Elite Force.iso” and run AUTORUN.exe. Follow on-screen instructions and install the game.
  5. Mount “Voyager Elite Force Expansion Pack.iso” and launch DEMO32.exe. Double click on efxp.dbd and then select Install.
  6. During installation, they will ask you to insert a CD key – use: C5-QCLS-0FLT-00RA-0001
  7. Once installation is completed, they will ask you to register. Choose “No”.
  8. Download “Star_Trek_Voyager_Elite_Force_NoCD_Win_EN” from the “Additional files, patches and fixes” on this page and copy-paste the contents into the game installation directory. Confirm you want to replace the files.
  9. Launch game using desktop shortcut

Additional files, patches and fixes

Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Expansion Pack Windows Manual (English)

Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Expansion Pack Screenshots